Name NAC Reg. Paid Role Country Class Glider Type (club) Glider Type (std.) Glider Registration Competition No. Glider's ARC Glider's Third-Party Liability Glider's Radio Station License Logger's Calibration Curve Equipment list Weight & Balance report Weight & Balance follow up Sailplane Pilot License Medical Certificate
Dylan Osolian Ok Ok Pilot Sweden Club LS 3a D-2867 CP
Ludvig Jauring Ok Ok Pilot Sweden Club DG 100 G Elan SE-TVV AB ARC SE-TVV.pdf 1680586023_Insurance SE-TVV.pdf Radio License TVV.pdf 1682948833_LOGGER_AB.pdf Equipment list SE-TVV_sign.pdf SE-TVV Weight and Balance.pdf FCL Ludvig Jauring.pdf Medical Ludvig Jauring.pdf
Elias Severholt Fourati Ok Ok Pilot Sweden Club LS 4 SE-TXD XD 01062022094721.pdf Certificate.pdf 1681411580_Medical.pdf
Jan-Lucas Aberle Ok Ok Pilot Germany Standard Discus 2a D-5611 JLA Glider Liability.pdf 1673366991_Funk.pdf 1673366995_LX 9000 JLA Kalibrierkurve.pdf Ausruestungsverzeichnis Discus 2a D-5611 JLA_2023-25-04.pdf Wagebericht 12.02.2023.pdf 1673367024_SPL.pdf 1673366974_Medical.pdf
Jens Andersen Ok Ok Pilot Denmark Club Mosquito OY-XIG N8
Karsten Leucker Ok Ok Team Captain Germany
Nils Heck Ok Ok Pilot Germany Club LS 4b D-3723 I ARC Ls4.pdf Haftpflichversicherungsnachweis.pdf Luftfunkstelle.pdf Kalibrierkurven_8030Nano.pdf Ausrustungsverzeichnis Ls4.pdf Gewichtsubersicht.pdf Lizenz.pdf 1675685931_Medical.pdf
Ivan Bajana Ok Pilot Slovakia Standard LS 8 OM-8888 SI
Oskar Minds Ok Ok Pilot Denmark Club LS 4 OY-XMD MD 35550.pdf ACFrOgCYou12ramGHPQu5fiq-o_lClzssl6wl4pZorN0CZ9q9x9FVoC-cYhiDrvobfzfqDKQfM3VZMotEoPDUahtvh3PQPVk_eZWv0yTcoeedhHXbVELEVy_cIjdBXQ.pdf
Lasse Edslev Ok Ok Pilot Denmark Standard LS 8 Neo OY-EXC EC
Clemens Berger Ok Ok Pilot Germany Standard LS 8 TBA TBA
Tim Kremers Ok Ok Pilot Netherlands Club LS 4 PH-1632 Au Third-Party LiabilityAu.pdf Radio license Au.pdf Equipment list AU.pdf Weight and balance AU.pdf Pilot license Tim Kremers .pdf Medical Certificate Tim Kremers.pdf
Tomasz Kurowski Ok Ok Pilot Poland Standard Discus 2a SP-4105 Y licencja.pdf
Maciej Kowalski Ok Ok Pilot Poland Club ASW 20F SP-3838 SB 1676746115_SPL.pdf badania Maciej Kowalski.pdf
Wiktor Łaciński Ok Ok Pilot Poland Standard Discus 2a SP-4106 I Wiktor_Lacinski_ARC.pdf Wiktor_Lacinski_third_party.pdf Wiktor_Lacinski_Radio_license.pdf Wiktor_Lacinski_loggers.pdf Wiktor_Lacinski_equipment_list.pdf Wiktor_Lacinski_WB_report.pdf Wiktor_Lacinski_WB_follow_up.pdf Wiktor_Lacinski_licencja_SPL.pdf Wiktor_Lacinski_badania_klasa1.pdf
Niels van Nieuwland Ok Ok Pilot Netherlands Standard LS 8 Neo PH-1686 VNE ARC VNE.pdf Third party liability VNE.pdf Logger calibration curve.pdf Equipment list.pdf Weight and Balance VNE.pdf LAPL S.pdf Medical certificate .pdf
Alexandre Fierain Ok Pilot France Club ASW 20 F-CGKS WE CDN.pdf 1679304254_2023_attestation_en_F-CGKS.pdf LSA 833 ASW20 F-CGKS-1.pdf Calibrage IGC Lx9000 8JU.pdf 1679406442_Fiche de Pesee.pdf Fiche de Pesee.pdf
Matthieu Hénin Ok Pilot France Club ASW 20F F-CFFV X29
Mathias Valentin Ok Ok Pilot Denmark Standard LS 8 OY-XXK KE 1678287606_Medical and logbook.pdf Medical and logbook.pdf
Titas Jovaiša Ok Ok Pilot Lithuania Club ASW 20F LY-GTD W4 LY-GTD ARC.pdf 2023-05-21 19-45_page_1.pdf Radio station license.pdf Nano4 calibration 2021-2026.pdf LY-GTD equipment list.pdf LY-GTD WB.pdf Licencija.pdf Medicine.pdf
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Svæveflyvecenter Arnborg
Fasterholtvej 10
7400 Herning

Airfield (ICAO: EKAB)
Position: 56o 00.7N / 009o 00.8E (See Google Map)
Elevation: 46m.

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