DAY 11

[DAY 11]🌨

Storm Hans is weakening but today is still cancelled. Thermals are getting spread by the remaining strong wind blowing at 18 KT on surface and 32 KT at 900m AGL.

As our local weather specialist Niels Thomsen is already analysing the first forecast models for tomorrow, let´s get a sight into his work.
Niels has been computing local soaring forecast for more than 10 years now. The forecasts are using a 800m grid model that is fed with boundary conditions from the WRF global model. One computing takes roughly 3 hours on a special computer hosted in Arnborg Soaring Center (i9 with more than 24 cores). Then the model is analysed through Dr Jack´s RASP tool that outputs relevant maps for soaring forecasts. Forecasts are also compared to local measurements thanks to a small weather station on the camping site giving Outside Air Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point etc...

For more local soaring forecasts, you can visit or directly talk to Niels who is very open to questions !

See you this evening for the national Danish event !

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Airfield (ICAO: EKAB)
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